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Structural Reports

We will prepare a structural report for a client for their sole use, should the clients asks for a particular problem such as subsidence to be investigated then the survey will concentrate on that aspect and should not be regarded as a complete structural engineer’s survey. 

The report and conclusions we reach will be based upon what it is possible to see and will not include areas where access is impeded by furniture, storage or where there is insufficient safe access or doors or gates are locked and the keys are not made available.Unless stated otherwise, no samples will be taken or tested, and thus any conclusions reached about the inherent properties of the materials used in construction will be limited to such materials’ thus far continuing satisfactory service. 

The report cannot exclude the possibility of inherent defects such as alkali silica reaction, the use of high alumina cement, or similar possible inherent defects in materials which are invisible to the naked eye.Information received from the client/s, estate agent or surveyor will be accepted in good faith, and will be treated as reliable.The undertaking of any repairs and remedial works which we advise should be overseen by a chartered civil or structural engineer.