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"Great to meet you today. Your input was extremely valuable and useful. … [We] are keen to keep you involved for the future."

— OCL (Essex)

"We value the service that your practice has provided, and will be using your professional services on our next project."

— - RLC (Croydon, Surrey)

"…May we take this opportunity of thanking you for all the hard work you have put in on our behalf, and for the very successful outcome…"

- MW (Brockley)

"…Many thanks for producing such a thorough report so rapidly…" 

— RM (London)

"…Many thanks for all your hard work and dedication to making sure the final result has been as good as possible…" 

— TS (Oxted, Surrey)

"…If we ever require the services of a structural or civil engineer again, we will be in touch…" 

— GM (Croydon, Surrey)

"…You will probably not be too surprised that we have decided not to proceed any further and are certainly glad we engaged your services! I enclose herewith a cheque in payment of your invoice and will no doubt contact you again as and when we require your expertise…" 

— JF (Croydon)

"…I felt I would like to write to thank you for the excellent report you produced for the property….I don’t know if (J) has spoken to you since, but I am sure you would have agreed that it was foolish to continue with such a purchase on the grounds of so many unknown costs. These may have been difficult to assess fully prior to purchase and possibly led to considerable expense for her. I can assure you (J) was most impressed with what you provided, especially compared with a Home Buyer’s Survey, and even though I think she originally thought I was a scaremonger, she was grateful in the end that I had introduced her to you!…" 

— SH (Croydon)